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but not too close.

SafeSphere's mission is to help institutions and businesses create a safe environment for employees and guests. Our proprietary technology helps companies protect and empower people in their workplace, by identifying proximity risks with zero data stored.

Maintaining social distancing has never been easier than with SafeSphere.

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What is SafeSphere

SafeSphere is a revolutionary technology that accurately determines the distance between two or more smartphone users over time when integrated with your mobile app.

SafeSphere's proprietary technology constantly analyzes proximity data between smartphones.

How it works

A Sound Solution

  • Using precise acoustic signals, SafeSphere’s patent-pending algorithms determine how close users are to each other, alerting them to keep a safe distance.
  • The indicator is highly-customizable and works with any mobile app technology to help provide a safe environment.
  • Thanks to its unique algorithm, SafeSphere minimizes exposure in unsafe environments by monitoring short distances between people over time.
  • No other technology can accurately measure proximity for short distances like SafeSphere on mobile devices.

Use Cases

Who Benefits?

SafeSphere was designed from the ground up to help keep everyone safe: employees, customers, students, teachers, senior citizens, families, and friends.

By integrating SafeSphere’s technology, your mobile app will notify you when crowded areas become unsafe. With minimal costs and physical changes to your facilities, users can create safer movement flows during daily activities.

  • Supermarkets and retail spaces
  • Sports arenas and gyms
  • Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings and factories
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Airports and train stations
  • Recreational facilities

User Privacy

No quid pro quo

SafeSphere is here to help you create a secure environment in a transparent, easy-to-implement, and scalable way.

We tackle safety with a 360° approach: No data stored and complete user privacy. Our priority is employee and customer well-being all around.

SafeSphere’s Founding team

Where STEM Solves Everyday Challenges

SafeSphere is the result of a major collaborative effort between business leaders, medical professionals, engineers, and scientists.

We gathered some real brainpower to create a new, accurate, and inexpensive way to create a safe space between mobile users. We are a joint venture between Espresoh Tech, a US-based product engineering company, and Alpine Consolidated, investing in first-to-market businesses for more than 25 years.


  • Elan Blutinger photo
    Elan BlutingerChief Executive Officer

    Elan Blutinger

    Chief Executive Officer

    Elan Blutinger is the CEO and co-founder of SafeSphere, the inventors of proprietary technology that analyzes proximity data between smartphones using ultrasound and leads business and commercial development. Elan founded and lead multiple first-to-market technology-based ventures all with successful exits to shareholders. He is the founder of Alpine Consolidated, a Washington DC venture fund since 1996. His prior experience allows him to identify new market opportunities, recruit outstanding teams and generate positive returns for shareholders.

  • Marcel Barbulescu photo
    Marcel BarbulescuPresident & Chief Technology Officer

    Marcel Barbulescu

    President & Chief Technology Officer

    Marcel Barbulescu is the CTO and co-founder of SafeSphere. He leads product strategy and technology management. He has held multiple executive positions in prior technology ventures as CTO and President/COO. He is the current President and CFO of Espresoh Tech, LLC, a US based software engineering company. His passion is building experienced teams to deliver technology-based solutions to optimize complex business and social problems. Marcel is a recognized technologist in the field of AI, software engineering, and telecommunications. He is the recipient of multiple awards on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learning agents for security and military applications. Marcel has a M.Sc. in Computer Science from George Mason University.

  • Daniel Markovits photo
    Daniel MarkovitsChief Product Officer

    Daniel Markovits

    Chief Product Officer

    With 12+ years of experience in the software business and digital environment, Dani is currently the Director of Engineering at [e-spres-oh], handling the company’s international portfolio and running the engineering office in Western Europe. Prior to [e-spres-oh], he was a well-established Product Owner and Business Analyst, demonstrating his prowess in the tech industry by transforming challenging projects into successful products. Daniel’s interest in efficient management and effective processes is doubled by his interpersonal skills, making him an approachable and proficient team leader. His vision is to leverage the latest technologies in order to empower [e-spres-oh]’s team to set challenging objectives and grow. He strives to advance more than the success of the company, but also its culture, maintaining [espres-oh]’s unique work environment and enriching it with novel solutions.

  • Dr. Roxana Leontie photo
    Dr. Roxana LeontieChief Scientist

    Dr. Roxana Leontie

    Chief Scientist

    Roxana is currently a professor of Computer Science at George Washington University and is conducting her Postdoc. She has published numerous articles on emulating biomechanical actions in nature through novel software-hardware combinations. Her goal is to advise and lead research efforts on developing improved accuracy on mobile hardware from SafeSphere’s software-based platform. She holds a M.S., in Computer Science and Ph.D., in Robotics from George Washington University. She will be involved weekly in all activities related to software-driven hardware development and commercial Phase I activities.

  • Cristian Bursasiu photo
    Cristian BursasiuChief Research Officer

    Cristian Bursasiu

    Chief Research Officer

    Seasoned software professional with solid technical and people leadership experience, Cristian is currently a Senior Product Engineer at [e-spres-oh] working with clients around the world to deliver services and products. Prior to [e-spres-oh], he worked for more than two decades in the software development industry in roles including technical and managerial positions and delivering software solutions for clients in various domains including life science, CAM/CAD, and printing. Passionate about programming and algorithms since the high school years, he first approached the software industry from an in-depth technical perspective, later increasing focus on leadership and further delivery responsibilities, as well as more general business/management aspects around software development and delivery. Helping others to solve problems - at different levels and scopes - is what provides meaning and drive in his professional activity.

  • Raluca Popa photo
    Raluca PopaChief Marketing Officer

    Raluca Popa

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Raluca has spent the better part of her professional life in journalism and technology, working with leading technology players in the US and Europe. She currently serves as Director of Client Services at [e-spres-oh] providing strategic marketing expertise and project planning. Prior to [e-spres-oh], Raluca served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Institute for Education, a Washington DC-based mission-driven organization, harnessing the power of data, innovation and soft diplomacy. Raluca is the founder of a publication focused on the intersection of education, innovation and diplomacy. In her role as the Editor-in-Chief of IFE magazine, she has interviewed ambassadors, Nobel Prize winners and key tech innovators and disruptors in the nation’s capital. Previously, Raluca served as a Washington DC news correspondent, reporting for an international press agency headquartered in Bucharest, Romania. Raluca has an M.A. degree in Management in Media Institutions from University of Bucharest and speaks English, Spanish and Romanian.


  • Doug Friedman photo
    Doug FriedmanSenior Engineering Program ManagerApple

    Doug Friedman

    Senior Engineering Program Manager Apple

    Doug has spent the past decade working for Apple and leads Engineering Program Management within Apple's Media Products organization for new audio subscription products. Doug has an extensive background in professional audio, with a Masters in Music Business & Technology from NYU, 15 years of composition & audio engineering experience, and over 25 years of performing on stages around the world. He spends the majority of his days triaging new engineering pipelines & squashing pesky bugs. A native of India, 'Dougie' currently lives in San Francisco & will soon be welcoming a puppy to his home.

  • Erik J Blutinger photo
    Erik J BlutingerMD. M.Sc The Mt. Sinai Hospital NYC Board of Directors at EMRA

    Erik J Blutinger

    MD. M.Sc The Mt. Sinai Hospital NYC Board of Directors at EMRA

    Dr. Erik Blutinger currently works as a full-time emergency physician at Mount Sinai Queens Hospital in New York City. He was selected as a Physician Champion to the Mount Sinai Health System during the COVID19 pandemic. He completed his residency training at the University of Pennsylvania and has worked on a variety of health initiatives in quality and patient experience, with formal leadership training in Quality Improvement (QI). Erik has worked in multiple national healthcare systems and underserved communities, including townships in South Africa and Guatemala, Bhutan, India, and Austria. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association (EMRA), and has contributed to several peer-reviewed publications and newspaper editorials on public health issues from opioid prescribing to population health. Dr. Blutinger currently serves on several national Committees to the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), including their Ethics, and State Legislative and Regulatory Committees. He serves as first-author to numerous peer-reviewed publications, and has been featured in the US (CNN, MSNBC, NBC with Lester Holt, the Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal) and overseas (ABC World News, ITV, BBC) for his frontline clinical experience in the COVID19 pandemic. He holds an MD degree from the George Washington School of Medicine and holds an MSc in Health Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and the London School of Economics (LSE).

  • Omar Maniya photo
    Omar ManiyaMD, MBA The Mt. Sinai Hospital NYC Former EMRA President

    Omar Maniya

    MD, MBA The Mt. Sinai Hospital NYC Former EMRA President

    Omar is passionate about re-imagining acute care delivery and making medicine fun again. He has worked with a variety of health care startups, consulted for health systems at McKinsey & Company, and published an economic model of a new value-based payment program. He served as EMRA President (2018-9), was the youngest member of the AMA’s Board of Trustees (2016-7) and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) and the ED Practice Management Association (EDPMA), as well as on ACEP’s Future of Emergency Medicine Taskforce and his Hospital Medical Executive Board. Omar has been featured on CNN & Fox News, is a MedTech 40 under 40 Healthcare Innovator, a McKinsey Emerging Scholar, and an AMA Foundation Leadership Award recipient. He earned a BS/MD from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, with further training at ED Directors Academy and is currently a senior emergency medicine resident physician at The Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC.

  • Jonathan Moreno photo
    Jonathan MorenoPh.D. Medical Ethics and Health Policy University of Pennsylvania

    Jonathan Moreno

    Ph.D. Medical Ethics and Health Policy University of Pennsylvania

    Called “the quietly most interesting bioethicist of our time” by the American Journal of Bioethics, Jonathan is the David and Lyn Silfen University Professor at the University of Pennsylvania where he is a Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) professor. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine where he chairs the Interest Group on Human Rights, Professionalism, and the Values of Medicine and served two-term as the U.S. member of the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee. He has advised many governmental and non-governmental organizations, including three presidential commissions, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Jonathan received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis, was an Andrew W. Mellon post-doctoral fellow, holds an honorary doctorate from Hofstra University and is a recipient of the College of William and Mary Law School Benjamin Rush Medal, the Dr. Jean Mayer Award for Global Citizenship from Tufts University, and the Penn Alumni Faculty Award of Merit. He holds the honorary Visiting Professorship in History at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. In 2018 the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities presented him with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Alexander Sackheim photo
    Alexander SackheimMD Biodesign Innovation Program Stanford University

    Alexander Sackheim

    MD Biodesign Innovation Program Stanford University

    Dr. Alexander Sackeim is a practicing emergency medicine physician and entrepreneur. He received his BA and MD from Columbia University and completed his residency at the University of Pennsylvania. During medical school, Alex was a founding member of Curator, a healthcare communications startup, where he led the launch of their first product, helped raise venture funding, and was critical in closing large contracts with top-tier health systems. In residency, Alex conducted several health system-wide quality improvement projects to increase operational efficiency and patient satisfaction. Alex has published on personal health records and healthcare quantitative performance metrics. He was recently accepted to be a fellow in Stanford's Biodesign Innovation Program.

  • Alan Faden photo
    Alan FadenProfessor University of Maryland School of Medicine

    Alan Faden

    Professor University of Maryland School of Medicine

    Dr. Faden is a neurologist who is an internationally recognized leader in neurotrauma. As the former director of the Center for Shock, Trauma and Anesthesiology Research (STAR), Dr. Faden oversaw multidisciplinary research focusing on brain injuries, critical care, and organ support, resuscitation, surgical outcomes, patient safety, and injury prevention. He currently serves as the Scientific Co-Director for the established bi-campus Center for Sports Medicine Health and Human Performance. Dr. Faden also served as President of the Neurotrauma Society, San Francisco Neurological Society, and American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics (ASENT), as well as Center and Institute Director at multiple institutions. His present research focuses on the pathobiology and treatment of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, mechanisms of cell death, neuroinflammation, central pain, and drug discovery.

See our full Board of Advisors at Alpine and [e-spres-oh]

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